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       Welcome to Decker’s Digits!  We are an all-online firm based in Indianapolis (with clients nation-wide) and specialized in bookkeeping for real estate investors, rehabbers, and remodelers.  Being the wife of a full-time flipper/contractor/landlord  has aided in my understanding of this exciting industry!  While he is out driving for dollars and working in the field, I manage the accounting needs of my clients (and his business, of course).  Monitoring construction budgets, keeping the contractors paid and happy, dealing with the mountain of receipts, and ensuring every penny is accounted is what I do – and I do it efficiently.  Which means, I get to spend more time reviewing reports to figure out which parts of the business are profitable and cash flowing, which parts need  attention, as well as getting and keeping prepared for the next great deal.  And this means that my clients (and my husband) spend far less time on bookkeeping and worrying and more time enjoying their businesses and their free time!  Which is the goal of Decker’s Digits:  ease the bookkeeping burden that takes so much time (and stress) while helping you find the path to financial freedom. We strongly believe that small businesses are the way to rebuild the economy and are committed to helping owners make a positive impact in our communities!

     When we are not working, we enjoy spending time with our 4  kids, our 4 grand babies and various furry friends.  Our favorite activities include camping, hiking, hunting, digging in the dirt, swimming, and riding . 

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